Athenian Capital Management, LLC.

Founded in May 2021 by Jason Mackey and Yuri Cataldo, Athenian Capital is a pre-seed venture capital firm headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts backing intrepid entrepreneurs building the infrastructure and services critical to the development and adoption of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, nationwide. We move fast, invest early, and are data-driven. You can read our Investment Thesis, here, and if you're interested in becoming an LP, you can click here to schedule a call with us.

Fast and Early

We focus exclusively on very early investments in pre-seed companies where risk-adjusted returns are greatest. We act fast and follow a no-nonsense approach to investing from initial contact to wiring funds.

Data-Driven Investors

We implement a data-driven approach to potfolio building and rely heavily on both proprietary and third-party AI to spot trends, identify market gaps, build competitive landscapes, and improving collaboration.

Experienced Operators

With over 30-years of combined entrepreneurial experience, we are uniquely positioned to not only identify potential outliers but to empathize with founders as they embark on entrepreneurial journeys of their own.

Our Mission

To fund innovation facilitating the transition of internet architecture from Web 2.0 data monarchies to Web3 data democracies while simultaneously building a more open, inclusive, and verdant world. The core virtues critical to our mission are:


Founders must be objective enough to see how much the odds are stacked against them; how great a role chance will play in the effectiveness of their strategies; and the extent to which powers beyond their control will influence their company's fate.


As founders we do not, and cannot, know everything. The founders we partner with must accept this reality and seek to surround themselves with experts capable of providing exceptional guidance when necessary, and meaningful candor when required.


Not everything will work out. As leaders, founders must remain constantly vigilant of changing dynamics and always be prepared to accept new realities and change tack when things aren’t working out.